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Phycon is a strategic innovation and product development company, working on innovative projects with the world's innovative companies. Our goal is to help startups grow bigger through vision, strategy and design by creating personalised technology that outlines their core values and beliefs, taking their unique story to the Internet and their customers.

Custom Integration

Dytomate is a great tool to implement on any website. It quite literally removes the necessity for complicated content management systems or control panels. It is a tested, light and invisible CMS, perfect for the clean and beautiful websites of 2015.

If you're an entrepreneur who wants to implement Dytomate in your business website to save your and your employees' time, let us know. While Secure Digital Services only focus on advanced online strategies for startups, we'll happily connect you with our partners if setting up Dytomate is all you need.

Connected Innovation

Phycon love technology, arts and design. We are always looking for new ways to connect people online, increase their productivity and make them happier using the high tech gadgets and software. We make it our mission to work together with other people and companies to build tools like Dytomate.

If you are an entrepreneur, programmer, designer, digital marketer or anyone wanting to achieve more and believe in collaboration, connect with us! We are open to new ideas, particularly in the tech and software space; and we are always looking for ways to work with great minds. If you have a cool idea, shoot us a message!

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