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The content manager the admin won't even notice

Light, invisible, programmer-friendly

Control Panels - seriously? Forget about teaching your clients to use the CMS. Tell them what a double-click is.

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Well... imagine you had Dytomate on a website like this...

King for the clean layout

Dytomate is the perfect manager for the today's standard of simplicity and beauty all over your website.

Headings made simple

Edit your headings (and other bits of texts) anywhere on your website. Top, middle, bottom. Forget about searching the control panel.

Edit titles

You don't have to search the control panel. Just double-click on the title and edit right away.

We've got you linked

"What about links?" - you ask. Double click. Simple as that.

Visualize faster

We keep the same standard for your pictures. Click twice to change them.

Some Tips & Tricks

Hey! Here's a neat example of Dytomate in action..

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Working visual demo
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In Action

Double click


Edit headings

Try it out! Double-click the DOUBLE CLICK and see for yourself.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet duis aute, dolor sit amet duis aute lauio dolor sit amet duis autelor sit amet duis aute, dolor sit amet amet duis autelor


Edit everything

Quite literally. Try double clicking the Sample heading..

or the lipsum description below it. All built on Dytomate in 10 seconds with the built-in tag generator.

Now, that you've got the idea..

Download Dytomate

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Fork Us

Dytomate is an Open Source project, licensed under MIT. That means you can use it in literally any way you imagine. That said, we would still be super-happy if you forked and helped us evolve Dytomate even further.

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